24/09/2015: Edge Explorer in Windows 10 is not Compatibility to view www.fauxspin.com Yet!   But it can still be view in Internet Explorer!
Which is available in Windows 10 it seems?

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www.fauxspin.com Has Been...
Up Dated: 01 May 2015 = Both Dirt Diaries + Sky Folly News + Last Up Dates: 27/03/2015 
www.skyhole.com Up Dated: 01 May 2015 = A Dirty Old Pigeon Has a Filthy Bath + More

¡ALERT NOTICE!  ¡Due to a Program Non Compatibility!  ¡ALERT NOTICE!
~ If we have this Problem so are others!...Posted for Your Convenience On 19/01/2014 ~
To View: www.fauxspin.com by using Internet Explorer (The Original Browser) this is because
Windows XP & 7 + 8 & 8.1 Operating Systems have the Compatibility Function Below

It's Setting of the Compatibility Function For Windows XP + 7 + 8 & 8.1 O/S

www.fauxspin.com Should be in Your Address Bar...Then Go to Tools...
Then to...Compatibility View Settings...Then Click
ADD this Web Site: www.fauxspin.com This will Enable Viewing of the Site!

After Setting Function Click Here On: "The Continue Link"
It's A ONCE ONLY TASK...Once Done Next Visit Just Click Here: The Continue Link!
Please Re-Click again if un-successful the first time Here...

If this Function is not Set You will See an...about blank in the Address Bar and will get a Blank Screen